• DHR Licensed
  • Subsidized Childcare Accepted
  • Breakfast, lunch and snack served daily
  • SMART Board: Computer-Based Instruction 
  • Children ages 5 weeks to 12 years old
  • Monday-Friday from 6:50 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  • 10% Sibling Discount
  • College Student Discount Available

Progress Reports
Comprehensive progress reports are distributed throughout the year to communicate each child’s academic, physical and social progress throughout the year. These reports are in-depth insights and are written to monitor a student’s progress throughout the school year.
Language and literacy development during this time is crucial. This time is also a critical time in a child’s education. The staff at OIC acknowledges how important this time is for growth and development and will work with your child to assist establish healthy education habits that will follow them a lifetime.
Our dedicated teaching staff focuses on the fundamentals in order to create a solid foundation for your child. Letter recognition, phonetic understanding, letter understanding, sound matching, and even the introduction to site words are a small component to what our staff does to begin strength in learning therefore; the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt series curriculum has been selected as a curriculum to use.
Our teachers will develop the entire child; mind and body.

  • Cognitive Development: Understands cause and effect, recognizes senses, recalls shapes and describes the daily weather
  • Communicative Development: Able to write name, recall favorite items, give simple directions,
  • Physical Development: Eats with utensils, begins to use Princer Grasp, begins to climb on and play on playground equipment
  • Social Skill Development: Asks simple questions, follows routine tasks, maintains friendships within class

Language Arts
Through our curriculum thematic studies, our language arts series takes a holistic approach to fundamentals such as letter recognition, phonetic understanding, letter writing, sound matching and the introduction to developmentally appropriate sight words.
Learning through play, this is our goal. Games and activities featured throughout Houghton Mifflin Math are the focus as our students become excited about Math. Problem-solving strategies and applications help students employ learned concepts to real life actions.
Our preschool students are offered piano lessons twice a week as part of our extensive curriculum. Research has shown that offering music benefits many students. It offers a method of self-expression not expressed in language alone. Knowledge of the arts is vital. The staff at OIC believes that offering this component is important to the development of the imagination and will assist in literacy and communication development as well.